New website, search engine, and RSS feed!

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I've created this website as the foundation for my 'web independence'. Sounds crazy, right? Well, not for me. And here's why.

Over the past few years, privacy has become a huge concern for me. I started doing the simple steps: leaving social media, using "private" search engines, using privacy-focused browsers or extensions, using VPNs, Tor and whatnot. But it just *wasn't* enough. It never really is. I still watched a lot of youtube videos, I still had PLENTY of accounts in a lot of websites, with a GMAIL e-mail AND, worst of all, I still have a phoneâ„¢, the ultimate, consentless privacy breaker. Needless to say, it didn't matter how hard I 'fought.

So, in the past few days, I've been thinking about ways to get rid of my two main privacy breaking problems: e-mail and phone. Inspired by Luke Smith (thank you for the tools), I created this website for one purpose: so that people could easily contact me in the absence of my phone number.

I'll always keep the best way of contacting me in this website. Right now, the best way is to send me mails on (nifty, eh? Short and simple)

This site actually has quite a few cool functionalities, one of them being a meta-search engine. Nothing is exactly final, I'm still going to deploy more functions to it. But it is completely usable and functional, so please do use it!

There are no logs and the code is completely open source, so you can check it yourself and see that I'm not lying. The advantages are clear: more privacy, more freedom, less censorship. You'll get results that google doesn't show you on purpose. The more people use it, the better. If only one person was using it, it would be pretty easy for google and friends to build a profile on him. But if everyone is using it, we all stay private! It's a win-win situation! (plz don't overload my servers :p)

Maybe the idea of privacy doesn't matter to you, but hey: A meta-search engine is way better than any search engine! In just ONE single place, you can search for youtube videos, torrent files, scientific articles, books, all in ONE search bar! How can you not be convinced yet? Come use my searx engine!

I have also created an RSS feed for the website, should anyone wish to follow these posts.

I also intend to create a repository for my projects inside this very website. So all my public code will be shared with everyone here. (Remember, no social media, so Github/Gitlab will not get any code from me... yet).

On a final note, the design of the website is intended to be final, and there are a few reasons for that. First one is my eyes. Recently I've been having minor headaches from looking at bright screens, so the black background with gray-ish text works the best for me. Second one is to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Honestly, maintaining a website like this is so much easier. It's simple, it's fast, it's intuitive. No php and no javascript (fuck you javascript, fuck you.), only plain html and css. I can focus on actually adding content to it, instead of making it look "pretty". In fact, this looks really pretty to me already, and I don't even need to use a GUI browser to see it (ew!), I can just log into any terminal, launch w3m or lynx and there I go.

Might become a trend one day, who knows.