A case against C++

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It has come to my attention that not only C++ is a horrible language itself, but the users of this absoultely horrific language are also retarded.

There is an entire community of programmers that revolve around academic masturbation: making programs to prove they know how to use X feature or Y theory from Z language, instead of actually thinking about the program. Keep in mind that this is not only an issue with C++. However, C++ has this as a built-in feature, and here is what I mean by it;

The following are all code excerpts taken from REAL programs. Things that are actually used unironically by people, "randomly" chosen (yy'd from vim):

	std::vector<std::string> execute;
	std::array<bool, 8> smoketest;

	main(int _argc, char *const *_argv, char *const *const _envp)
	noexcept try
	catch(const std::exception &e)

	auto escapedPropEnd = std::copy_if(node.propsBegin, node.propsEnd, propBuffer.begin(), [&lastEscaped](const char& byte) {
		lastEscaped = byte == static_cast(Node::ESCAPE) && !lastEscaped;
		return !lastEscaped;

Here is the non-retarded version:

	char** execute;
	bool smoketest[8];

	main(int argc, char** argv)

	while (node.propsBegin != node.propsEnd)
		if (byte != '0xfe') *propBuffer++ = *node.propsBegin++;
	escapedPropEnd = propBuffer;

Honestly, I still don't completely understand that C++ code because of how littered with garbage it is, but you get the idea. You can also mess around with indentation and whitespace on the code I wrote however you like.

In C++, not only you're allowed to make such a messy syntax, you're also encouraged to do it. It is unreadable, to the point where even the author has to squish his eyes to understand what the actual fuck that piece of code does. This brings me to my next point.

There reaches a point where the code people write is so hard to understand, they must litter the entire program with comments. I strongly advocate against comments: they are useless and, most of the time, they are even wrong.

Defenders of commenting code, however, are as dumb as they get. They see this problem in a totally inverted way. They see over-engineered code as a unavoidable thing, so commments are needed to clarify code. I say no. Code, in the first place, should be simple. Comments are not good to understand code. Code is good to understand code. Code is the ultimate truth. Fuck off John and his imagination, what matters is what is actually written. Adding comments stating your intention only proves how dumb you are.

My main questions are: why use/create a new method to do something that already exists? Why use std::array when your language already provides you with arrays? Why use a comparison function if you can already make comparisons? Do you not understand how to use 'if' or 'else'? Why keep memorizing all of those standard library functions and what each of them do, instead of making actual code? What are you afraid of, really?

For any REAL programmer, it is easy to see... actually no. It is hard to understand why. Why would someone opt to use this syntax garbage? What is the driving force behind making something simple... complex?

Although we all know the answer, it's kind of annoying to keep repeating it, and it is even sad that it is a reality. People over-engineer stuff because they are dumb. They over-engineer because they want to hide how dumb they are from people who know less than them, and therefore they make their code a convoluted mess.

There are just two small problems with that. First of all: you're not hiding how retarded you are to someone who knows more than you. If you want to impress someone, it should be your superiors, not someone who doesn't care about your funny text on the screen.

Second: you're making it hard to maintain your codebase. If you care so much about "future-proofing" or "standing the test of time": MAKE. IT. SIMPLE. Let new people look at your code and not waste time figuring out what it was supposed to do.

People memorize because they cannot think. People who cannot think are plainly dumb. Or maybe I'm just too dumb to be retarded. It is hard for me to think like an idiot.

I think that's about all I had to talk about C++... for now. I honestly get more and more pissed every time I have to read C++ code from some program, and I always end up rewritting it in C for me to actually be able to read it.

Remember kids, code is made for computers, not humans. So learn how to think like a computer, not the other way around. Unless you're too dumb to figure that out.

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